Project Testimonials

Client: D Dalton Location: Factory Manager

“We installed the PTH units and in the first month we could already see a change in the colour of our water, it started turning from a red back to a clear colour. We have had these PTH water units for over 2 years, and our water is still clear with no traces of rust build-up.. The old calcium scale on the cooling towers has become powdery and is easily cleaned away. We no longer need to purge our system and this adds to a huge saving. PTH units are practially mainenance-free, environmentally safe and extremely easy to install. We have saved on chemicals, acids, shutdowns, water and manpower. We at Polyoak Packaging Namibia can recommend the PTH water improver to any company serious about saving money and the environment.”

Challenges & Applications

Maintenance free water conditioning for industrial plants.

Clean, environmentally friendly and chemical free conditioned water for a wide range of heavy duty industrial applications is achieved by the PTH Water Improver, such as:

  • Laundry Service Equipment.
  • Breweries.
  • Wineries.
  • Cheese Makers.
  • Fisheries.
  • Food or Drink Processors & Manufacturers.
  • Canneries & Food Packaging Plants.
  • Mines.

Any other manufacturers using applications such as:

  • Boilers and Heating Systems.
  • Cooling Systems.
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Filtration Systems.
  • Hydro-Electrical Operations,
  • Etc…
The Benefits of PTH Water:
  • Machinery, mixing vats, holding tanks, etc, can be maintained free of scale and rust without the risk of contamination of cleaning with chemicals.
  • The water tastes better and is much healthier.
  • PTH water characteristically boils in a steadier, smoother pattern than unconditioned water, resulting in more controlled cooking times.
  • It lowers the boiling point of water, resulting in an additional saving – electricity.

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