Get rid of hard water hazards, simply, easily and permanently with the PTH Water Improver.

It is the perfect eco friendly, once-off and life-long investment for your entire property at a remarkably low cost. The simple one-piece ingenious design requires no upkeep or filter replacements.

Furthermore, you won’t have to replace scaly or rusty plumbing, irrigation systems, geyser elements, faucets, shower heads or appliances – ever again!

Ideal for homes, agriculture, industry, commerce, hospitality or sports facilities …

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Features and Benefits


It’s a once-off expense. A great investment: savings on water, downtime, corroded parts and appliances.

Simple design

The simple one-piece quality design has no moving parts that wear out and it needs no extra components.

Quick installation

It is quick and simple to install. You save on lengthy labour costs.

No electricity needed

It needs no electricity, batteries or power supply.

Low Maintenance

No replacement of filters, chemicals or salt needed. It lasts indefinitely. You save on production shutdowns and manpower.

Eco friendly

It’s environmentally friendly. It stimulates plant growth – up to 200% increase in crop yields.

Improved water quality

Water tastes better. No more clogging due to limescale buildup. Harmful chemicals such as chlorine are filtered out.

It’s healthy

It removes toxins and leaves healthy minerals intact. It improves your health, skin, nail and hair condition.

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what some of our clients say…
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“I would just like to inform you about the excellent results I had with your PTH de-ioniser that I installed on a 6 Kw water distillation apparatus. Your device saved me a lot of man-hours.”

Frank Peiser Dept of Medical Biochemistry, Tygerberg

“We no longer need to purge our system and this adds to a huge saving… We have saved on chemicals, acids, shutdowns; water and manpower.”

D. Dalton, Factory Manager Polyoak Packaging, Namibia

“We have been using the PTH product for considerable time now and are pleased to confirm that it is an excellent product.”

Riverside Nursery Musina, Limpopo

“The change after we had the device installed, resulted in our glases to shine, the washing remains white and the kettle does not foul up as badly as before.”

L. Daneel Gansbaai

“The results were astonishing. My garden was saved. I irrigate PTH conditioned water everywhere in my garden.”

Mr Piet Pretorius Beaufort West

“A technician opened my coffee machine for its annual inspection. He was utterly surprised at the fact that there was virtually NO KALK present!”

Margie Paradiso Restaurant, Stilbaai

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