The Benefits of the PTH Water Improver

The PTH Waterimprover has 11 benefits and advantages over conventional water softeners and other water purifiers on the market:


1. It's affordable and saves you money.
  • It’s a once-off investment because it is a permanent installation, is unbreakable and lasts indefinitely.
  • The PTH is considerably cheaper than other water improvers on the market.
  • The PTH saves water. Just one millimeter of lime scale in your pipes causes a staggering rise of 10% in electricity bills. Lime or scale build-up, rust and corrosion all add to increased maintenance and energy costs.
  • Soap and modern detergents work less efficiently with hard water, i.e. soap will not lather. The PTH saves you on water and soap by softening the water so that you get much more lathering power!
  • Increased water to soil penetration during irrigation means considerable water savings – tests show up to 40%
  • The PTH saves you on filters, chemicals, salts and acids – which are needed by other water purifiers.
  • It also saves on downtime and manpower due to shutdowns or maintenance, corroded parts and appliances.  These are all factors that affect production and consequently, profitability in the case of plants and factories.
2. Simple design

The simple, yet highly effective, one-piece quality design is practically unbreakable. It is compact and has no moving parts or extra components that wear out.

3. Quick and easy installation

It is quick and simple to install, saving you on lengthy labor costs for installation. It is a simple, compact device that is installed in-line and has no clumsy extra parts or accessories.

4. No electricity needed

It needs no electricity, batteries or power supply. It therefore not only saves on electricity, but won't be affected by power interruptions.

5. Low maintenance

The PTH requires practically no maintenance. It does not need regular filter changes, or chemical and salt replacements - as do its competitors on the market.

You save on production shutdowns and manpower because the PTH has no moving parts, valves or other components to be replaced.

6. Eco friendly

It’s environmentally friendly design is based on biomimicry. Basically, the PTH ‘scrubs’ the water – a completely natural process occuring freely in nature. For example, it mimics the process of a stream or river flowing over a bedrock containing 2 or more different types of metals, noble or semi-noble minerals.

It softens water naturally, leaving minerals intact. The improved water stimulates plant growth – with up to 200% increase in crop yields.

The PTH has a huge advantage over resin softeners that release salty discharges in the soil during the brine rinse process, causing brackness and sterile soil. Resin softeners have already been banned in several countries worldwide.

7. Improved taste

The PTH improves the taste of brack water. Resin softeners, on the other hand, release sodium in water during cation exchange process, resulting in brackish taste.

Harmful chemicals such as chlorine are filtered out.

8. Improved water quality

There is no more clogging in pipes, plumbing, irrigation and appliances due to limescale and 'kalk' buildup. Also, harmful chemicals are removed.

Science has now proven without a doubt that your chances of getting cancer increases by a shocking 57% if you swim in chlorinated water. The PTH Water Improver reduces the HTH (chlorine) requirements for your swimming pool by an enormous 50%!

9. It’s healthy

It removes toxins and leaves healthy minerals intact. It improves your health, skin, nail and hair condition.

Nails break less easily with PTH; skin rash and irritations are minimised; hair perms last much longer and hair requires less shampooing.

The PTH enables the body to continue absorbing calcium and magnesium in water, essential for the building of cells in bone, teeth, hair and nails. On the other hand, these minerals are removed by resin softeners. Latest scientific research indicates that magnesium and calcium protect against heart disease.

PTH users report that itchy skin and eczema have disappeared after continuous use of PTH-treated water. High sodium levels aren't removed by old-fashioned resin softeners, increasing blood hypertension and ischemic heart problems.

10. Easy to move or transport

The PTH is smaller and more compact than a resin softener, and can easily be disconnected and taken with if you are moving house.

11. It is safe

The PTH is safe for use in food processing plants, dairies and cheese factories. PTH eliminates this risk caused by chemicals used in other types of water improvers, which create a safety hazard.

Advantages of the PTH over its competitors on the market

It is important to do some research before deciding on water purifier you need as there are many different types available on the market – from simple counter top filters to the more sophisticated and expensive reverse osmosis systems.

Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of what is available:


1. Cartridge Filters

Examples of filtration type systems are counter top Brita jugs, Mineral Pots and Wellness Carafes. The H2O is fitted to your tap with an under-counter unit, taking up space.

Filters type systems are effective in filtering out particles and sediment in the water, but they do not purify the water. Also, filters need to be replaced regularly.

The PTH Water Improver has the advantage that it is not bulky and does not take up space in your kitchen. It is healthier because it purifies the water. Also, it is cost effective because it does not require regular replacement of filters.


2. Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Basically the Reverse Osmosis system purifies the water by forcing it through a membrane to remove all the solids, including essential minerals from the water.

The most popular 5-stage RO has the disadvantage in that it removes all the healthy essential minerals from the water. The 6-stage RO system puts these minerals back into the water, while the 7-stage adds oxygen.

The down side of the RO systems is that they take about an hour to create 7,5 litres of purified water and, in doing so, an additional 6 litres of water that simply runs down the drain. This is an unnecessary waste of a valuable resource, something we cannot afford in South Africa.

The advantages of PTH are that it doesn’t remove the essential minerals from the water, it is less bulky, it works much faster and it does not waste water.


3. Descalers

Descalers are installed in the main water pipe and designed to change the composition of lime in the water, thereby preventing scale build-up in plumbing, geysers and appliances. However, they need electricity to function.

Descalers will prevent further build up of the lime-scale already in your pipes and elements, but not reduce it. Additionally, the more scale build-up you already have in your pipes, the more electricity it will draw, and cleaning or replacing pipes and elements is very costly.

The advantages of the PTH Water Improver are that it will gradually remove the scale already built up in your plumbing and appliances, and – best of all – it does not use electricity!


4. Resin or Salt Water Softeners

Water softeners are installed in the main water supply line to your home. There are manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic versions and have to be connected to an electricity supply.

These systems are costly and time consuming because they need periodic maintenance, resin replacements and also needs to be regenerated periodically with a brine rinse.

Because of the many disadvantages associated with resin softeners, such as health risks, undrinkable water and soil pollution caused by brine rinse-offs, resin softeners are increasingly being banned world-wide.

The PTH Water Improver is healthy and environmentally friendly - softening your water without all the disadvantages associated with resin softeners.

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