Increased productivity of farms and agricultural applications

The notoriously hard water that many South African farmers have to deal with hampers healthy crops and livestock. Some of the numerous side effects of 'brak' water are stagnation, stress and leaf-burn and undrinkable water for animals.

The PTH Water Improver enables farmers to achieve:

  • faster yields
  • greater crops
  • healthier produce
  • better grazing
  • healthier chickens and livestock
  • free-flowing irrigation equipment
  • scale-free elements and wet walls
  • better-tasting, healthier water
  • and much more ...

Greener, healthier and more robust growth with LESS water is achieved by installing the maintenance-free PTH Water Improver in-line on your water supply system, irrigation systems, dams or boreholes. It is unbreakable and requires no power source or extra components.


“We found that the PTH saves us money that would have been otherwise spent on maintenance, materials and lost man-hours due to breakdowns normally caused by bad quality water. I can recommend the PTH as a quality product to all users of borehole water.” Neil Taylor, Malan Chicks, Gauteng


Benefits for irrigation farming, dairy farming and stock farmers:

Irrigation Farming

  • Enhanced seed germination and crop growth achieves quicker, healthier and increased yields.
  • Increased water penetration due to 'Wetter’ water improving soil texture creates considerable water savings – up to 40% according to tests.
  • Leaf-burn on plants and trees, caused by excessive salinity around the roots, is virtually eradicated.
  • Irrigation equipment no longer clogs up.

Dairy Farming

  • Milkrite and Alfa-Laval machines are protected.
  • No more scale and fouling of boilers, pipes and trough nozzles.
  • Equipment, strainer filters, tubes and milking cones are all cleaned at no extra cost.
  • The costs of soaps, chemicals and acids is reduced by at least 50%.
  • Dairy productivity is increased.
  • The drinkability of trough water is improved.

Stock farmers

  • No more fouling of boilers, pipes and trough nozzles; cups, bells and drippers.
  • Scale and algae on cooling pads/wet walls is prevented, eliminating the need for cleaning chemicals.
  • It prevents the spreading of disease through leaks, damp and flooding in coops.
  • The drinkability of trough and drinking water is improved.

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