Healthier water for your entire home, family and garden with with just one PTH unit!

Purified water is supplied to your entire residence, landscaping and swimming pool for life – by installing just one unit of the PTH Water Improver on your water inlet or municipal system supplies. No filters, salts, chemicals, electricity or maintenance needed!

The PTH Water Improver prevents the formation of scale and rust and gradually dissolves initial formations in piping, boilers, solar panels, gas or electricity heating systems, appliances, etc.


“There really is a huge difference in the taste and texture of the water. When I say ‘texture’, I mean when I finish bathing, my skin definitely isn’t so dry; even the bath foam has a richer lather. The water is certainly softer on the skin. Of course, my kettle, clothes, iron and geyser will also last longer without all this lime scale. And then I haven’t even mentioned how good my father-in-law’s whisky now tastes!”Michelle Theron, Gansbaai



1. Benefits for your home


  • Higher water pressure and supply levels due to the prevention of clogged pipes and taps.
  • More hot water due to the reduction of limescale in gas heaters, geysers and boilers.
  • Greater efficiency of solar energy systems.
  • Saving money, electricity, gas and maintenance time.
  • No need to shut down systems for cleaning purposes.
  • Septic tank systems function better.
  • Water quality is improved. It filters out harmful chemicals, such as chlorine in drinking and swimming pool water.
  • No more clogged plumbing, geysers, water heaters, showers, sinks and toilets due to limescale buildup.
  • No unsightly mineral deposits on glasses, cutlery, sinks and appliances.
  • Stains are eliminated on bathroom fixtures. There will be no more unsightly rings, stains or mineral build-up on your taps and porcelain.

2. Benefits for you and your family


  • Potable water. The water quality and taste is significantly improved. You don’t have to buy bottled water for drinking anymore!
  • It saves soap. Hard water impairs cleaning strength of detergents. Conditioned not only delivers great washing power, it reduces soap requirements up to (70%) soft water also protects our washing at the same time.
  • Brighter clothes, sheets and towels. Fabrics last longer, come out of the washing fresher, cleaner and softer; and colours stay brighter too.
  • Smoother and softer skin. You’ll wash faster and cleaner without soap build up on your skin and feel more refreshed.
  • Better hair condition. It revives hair color and makes it more radiant and manageable.

3. Benefits for Gardens and Lawns

  • Enhanced seed germination and plant growth achieves quicker, healthier and increased yields.
  • Increased water penetration creates considerable water savings – up to 40% according to tests.
  • Leafburn on plants and trees, caused by excessive salinity around the roots, is virtually eradicated.
  • Irrigation equipment no longer clogs up.

4. Reduce Scale Buildup and Chlorine Usage in your Pool

Lime and Scale Buildup

The greatest enemy of your swimming pool is lime and scale buildup. Just one millimeter of lime scale in your pipes causes a staggering rise of 10% in electricity bills. Lime or scale build-up, rust and corrosion all add to increased maintenance and energy costs.


Science has now proven without a doubt that your chances of getting cancer increases by a shocking 57% if you swim in chlorinated water. The PTH Water Improver reduces the HTH (chlorine) requirements for your swimming pool by an enormous 50%!

Even though chlorine is necessary to kill bacteria and algae growth in the pool it can also cause major problems to heating systems or solar panels and related equipment. 80% of service calls for repairs and service on swimming pools, heaters and solar water heating equipment are due to this.



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