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The PTH Water improver is superior in quality when it comes to water purification. The compact and ingenious Israeli design has proved itself over and over again.

Since 1995, when we first started importing the PTH Water Improver, it has saved countless South African households, farms and industrial enterprises millions of Rands in damages, shutdowns and lost manhours. We also increased cash crops by 150 to 200% on average.

Uses and Applications

The PTH has been used successfully for:


  • The PTH is simple and easy to install.
  • The unit is installed directly into the main water supply of your home.
  • It functions without electricity supply.
  • The PTH does not require costly maintenance.
  • It last indefinitely and does not need filter replacements or upkeep.

The PTH acts simultaneously as a descaler and water softener. This dual function neutralises the minerals that cause hard water, without removing them from the water. This ensures that healthy mineral content remains, as well as better tasting drinking water that can be enjoyed directly from the tap.

In addition, the system will over time also remove scale and rust from your plumbing and electrical elements, making everything last longer and saving money.

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