Which Size?

The PTH is simple and easy to install - directly into the main water supply of your home. It does not need an electricity or power supply.

The size for residential properties and domestic use is usually a smaller standard size, PTH15 (1/2 inch) or PTH20 (3/4 inch). If you are uncertain which one is for you, contact us for advice.

Bigger units for commercial and industrial use, however, would usually need to be measured.

Different Sizes According to Flow Rate


The flow rate of your water determines the correct unit size...

RECCOMENDED FLOW RATE: 1.3 m per second.

  • NOTE: The pipe size can be reduced to accommodate the unit.
  • Units range in size from 1/2″/15mm to 2″/50mm.
  • Larger units from 21/2″/65mm to 75mm on request – ask for free advice.

How to measure flow rate:


  1. Simply place an empty bowl or bucket under a tap.
  2. Open the tap fully for 10 seconds.
  3. Measure the quantity and multiply by 6 = litres per minute

Agriculture or industry:

  1. Determine the size of pump by ‘bar’. 1 bar = 35 to 40 litres per minute, e.g. 2 bar = ±70 to 80 litres per minute.
  2. Height of water tank: every 10 metres = 1 bar

Once you have made sure the flow rate in your pipe is adequate, you can select your unit code according to the chosen pipe size...

Select your unit code:

Instructions for Installation & Grounding

Your PTH Water Improver comes with a grounding cable.


It is essential to provide grounding to ensure that the PTH device operates properly.
The PTH has to be well grounded by direct contact with the earth in a grounding metal pipe or a grounding copper rod.
Attention: Do not use a plastic pipe for grounding.


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